VR Model Photography has been discontinued

Thank you all for being a part of my journey. Over the last year, I have not been updating the website with new content, because I was busy with other projects, both 2D and in VR. Moving more and more into the adult sector.

I left this site open, because it was still generating some passive income and I could still make some people happy with my content. I did receive compliments from people and it seemed that VR Model Photography still had some "cult" status.
However, due to the fact that I was not updating my website anymore, malicious people had found a way to add fake payment buttons on my products. With the payment going directly to them ("VR Model Photography Singapore SA", which is NOT me!) and leaving the customer without any images.

The income that I still had from this site was way too low to invest time into undoing the damage to my website and making it secure again. So to protect you, I have taken it offline.

Please follow my other project here: www.sensual-x.be It's a passion project (2D) with erotic image and erotic music videos.